We're a skillful bunch at Flowmedia, and here are just some of the skills that we posses.


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Finding the right team to take your ideas and make them a reality can be difficult, but here at Flowmedia we make the process as easy as possible. Our years of experience in the industry put us in an ideal position to advise you on; the best avenues to market, which tools will serve you best, which social networks to leverage and much more. We will take the time to understand your business, your goals and then cater our solutions based on those findings. This is what sets us apart from most agencies, we care!

Web design

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Understanding your company is the first step to building the best solution. Our experience in design, usability and user experience lets us build functional sites that are still user focused and beautiful.

We are also highly skilled in the tools of the trade and will give you a design that not only fulfils the needs of your project but is built using the latest web standards and with the most appropriate technologies.

Print design

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Even in the age of digital media, a company still usually requires print media. Before we designed sites, we designed for print and have a lot of experience in producing great designs for our customers that have been very effective for their businesses. Let us have a look at what you want and show us some examples of what we can do.

Application design

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There are very few sites these days that don’t rely on some dynamic elements and this is where our application designs skills play their part. We have the experience in many of the common languages of the web including PHP and Ruby.

We have also got experience with many of the common frameworks used today including; Drupal, Expression Engine, Perch, Rails and Sinatra.

Interactive design

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Creating interactive sites has been at the core of our business since the early days of flash. We have a lot of experience in creating interactive sites and maintain that under the right circumstances an interactive site can still land a large punch with your customers. Our preferred platform for interactive sites is flash but new technology is always appearing and we are always able to find the best solution for you.

Branding Design

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Your brand is quite possibly the most important thing that your company will need to develop. We have a lot of experience working with companies to develop their brand and brand guidelines. We follow a tried and tested process to get to a brand that will show off your business in the best way possible to your customers.

Online Marketing or SEO

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A website is never going to have the impact that you want it to unless you do a bit of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We have a number of packages that we can tailor to your needs and will analyse your site and customers and provide a solution that will help you get more customers to your site.

Hosting solutions

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Without hosting your web based project is just files on a computer! We offer a wide variety of solutions each one catered to your needs. Our reliable, flexible and scalable platform has been one of our priorities for many years and it is consistently being updated to keep inline with new technologies.


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Support of services has become an important addition to many company’s who want to receive a quality service. In order to get the best from us we offer Support and SLA services to make sure that your systems are healthy and that if you have a problem our SLA’s give you priority service for turning around new work and addressing issues with your solutions. Contact us for more information.